During more than a decade of providing design services from initial concept to post-occupancy evaluation, I have worked with hundreds of firms that provide products or services to the AEC industry. Creative Technologies has exceeded all of my expectations, provided a higher standard of care on a consistent and ongoing basis, and made me look better than any other firm with whom I work.

Their submittals are legendary in their comprehensiveness. The turn-around time for technical inquiries or quotes has been tremendous. Their service after the sale is unparalleled. In the rough and tumble, ever-changing landscape of security electronics, you owe it to your clients and to yourself to work with the best. In my experience, Creative Technologies has no equal.

Hugh D. Lester


AECOM Design

Our 13 year experience with Creative Technologies has been very positive. Good communication and great documentation. There’s never really any problems because everyone’s straight up with everyone. That’s what I like when doing business.

The biggest benefit for us being a small company, is when the system comes out tested and complete, it’s saves us a lot of headaches. It’s also easier hardware to wire and takes less people. It saves a lot of time for us. Projects are so much easier with someone else building the system, and it’s attractive when it comes out.

We like to focus on the install. It’s difficult to do the install while trying to do software changes. When we buy Creative Technologies’ systems it’s so much easier, takes less people. We can do more jobs because when it’s shipped out it can be put in place, the electrical contractor pulls wire to it, we terminate it and turn it on…. it’s a complete system.

Rob Stephens


Advent Electric

No question, the best of any manufacturer I have used. I have no problem recommending this product to anyone. It’s reliable, and with its easy one map display and locate button it takes a lot of complicated subsystems and makes it KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) to operate.

Panning graphics makes it easy for everyone involved with upfront project decisions. No wasted time trying to submit and agree on how to divide up the floor plan into pages. It saves me a lot of time and headaches.

I like the long term benefits of the design using the non-proprietary products. The product is not a “me too” which everyone seems to be selling today – same products just a different wrapper in Wonder Ware.

Mark Coyle



Correct Electronics

Secured State is the most repairable system that we’ve found. It requires virtually no specialized field support, and it makes it so that any electrician can go in there and replace components. The documentation Creative Technologies provides makes it so that anybody can work on the system.

Compared with other integrators, Creative Technologies delivers on every promise. It starts with their project submittals that are very detailed and accurate. They’re complete the first time –that’s probably the best way to summarize. The submittal CD is very helpful. I put that in the customer’s hands and they love it. They know exactly what they’re buying.

Ken Gibbs



DA Architects

We’ve worked with other control companies in our facilities and Creative has always been the best one to work with. That’s my opinion, and everyone else’s opinions here too. I know everyone’s happy. We’ve been working with them for over a decade and they keep giving us better tools for ongoing changes that we make.

With our old system, operations called our night maintenance support personnel 5 out of 7 days and then I would get called once or twice a week. Since we installed the Creative Technologies system I have not received one call at night.

The documentation tools are the greatest benefit to us. You don’t have to keep going through books. The documentation software has all the subsystem and field device information integrated into the system.

The system is extremely user friendly. I see new deputies who don’t know anything about our building, working in central control and within a half hour they’re left alone in there. Operators are able to pick up on the system very quickly.

Scott Ottermann

Facilities Manager


DuPage County

We have been working with Creative Technologies for seven years now. We have gone through several expansions to our facility and during those expansions there was never a consideration to change our electronic security controls to any other company. We are extremely satisfied with what we have and how it is working. From their initial visit and demonstration, to the factory visit at their facility to work out any issues with our system before it was delivered, to the dependability of their product and the administrative tools included, I have found this company to be extremely knowledgeable and caring in the product that they deliver and support.

The greatest time and money saved has been in the reliability of the Creative Technologies system. It’s hard to quantify the amount of savings, because with Creative Technologies we don’t spend valuable time dealing with system issues.

The Administrative workstation that came as part of the Creative Technologies’ system is the greatest benefit. It includes all the documentation, the reporting, the ability to modify original operating parameters and monitoring features.

We have found the Creative Technologies’ system to be more “user friendly” both to learn initially and to operate on a daily basis.

Tom McLachlan


Iowa Medical Classification Center

Our whole experience with CT has been phenomenal and it has been a pleasure to work with them. The product that you delivered to us was exceptional and we could not be happier.

Because the system is so user friendly, our staff can get by with only one control officer if need be. I have toured numerous jails and this system is by far the best, user friendly system that I have seen.

The customer service that we received during this project and still to this day has been phenomenal. CT always kept us up to date on the status of the project and were more than willing to work with us on some minor changes that we had requested. Every single member of their staff that we met was very professional and eager to help us in any way they could. 

The project submittals were extremely accurate and showed us exactly what we were getting.

You always return calls in a timely manner and are always eager to help us if need be.

Corey Hunger


Kane County

We’ve worked with Creative Technologies for fourteen years, and it’s always been a pleasant experience and working relationship.

There’s several benefits to our Creative system: manpower is one - there’s not a lot of training with the new system that has to take place, you can take new officers off the street and with very minimal training they run and operate the system versus the old system where it took days to learn it.

It’s also the fact that at no time have we experienced any problem with Creative. They’ve always been very helpful, friendly and very supportive. You can’t ask for better support than we get from Creative.

Major Chris Hudson

Sheriff’s Department


Laurens County, SC

In my experience Creative Technologies is a professional operation. They know how to do security for the prisons and the corrections industry. That’s what they do. And very flexible. If you present them with “Can we do this?” “Mmm, yeah, we probably can!” I mean they might have to fall back and get a game plan together but they’ll always come back to us with a solution. Not necessarily a cookie cutter solution, but a unique solution to the specific job that we’re doing.

I rate the documentation tools as the greatest benefit of Creative. That said, I really appreciate the layout of the racks. They’re intuitive and very well thought out. It’s a bigger footprint than most; it’s solid and just flat out works.

The touchscreens are very intuitive, it doesn't take long for officers to get familiar with the system. Within an hour they negotiate the touchscreen very well.

Chet Koth


Siemens Building Technologies

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